RW Smith Commercial Kitchens Design Build- ARW Smith Commercial Kitchens Design Build - Meet our Team
RW Smith Commercial Kitchens Design Build - Meet our Team
We have assembled a group of talented design & CAD professionals, project managers, lead installers, engineering experts, and commercial kitchen consultants to name just a few, all of whom share our passion for all aspects of design, architecture, modeling, construction and renovation.

Whether we're working for a restaurant, healthcare facility, government office, or educational institution, we approach all of our design and build projects with the same commitment, professionalism and attention to detail. We are dedicated to delivering results with efficiency and we take great pride in creating not only uniquely optimal designs but spaces that are functional and profitable.

We consider our staff to be the very best in commercial kitchen design and build and we're proud to share them with you.
RW Smith Commercial Kitchens Design Build - Meet our Team

Melissa Roller

Director of Administration
(714) 795-6740

Gary Coburn

General Manager
(714) 795-6730

Donald DeBow

Director of Design & CAD
(714) 795-6722

Scott Aschbrenner

Field and Installation Manager
(714) 540-6633

Art Manni

Vice President of Design
(714) 795-6726

Cory Moe

Director of Special Projects
(714) 795-6729

Alex Ghareebo

Chief Estimator
(714) 795-6747

Scott Roczey

Director of Sales
(714) 795-6727

Roxanne Hillbish

Director of Project Management
(714) 795-6750

Mike Farugie

Manager of Installation and Service
(714) 795-6752
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